Working Drawings

Architect and builder on-site, reviewing working drawings with a tablet

Construction-Ready Blueprints: The Foundation of Successful Builds

Working drawings are the technical backbone of any construction project. We provide comprehensive blueprints, elevations, sections, and other necessary documentation to ensure that your design is accurately realized, minimizing on-site errors and delays.

Architect explaining working drawings to a group of construction workers

Drawings that speak, simply easy to understand.

Benefits of Detailed Working Drawings

Our meticulous working drawings are essential for successful projects. Here's why:

  • Error Reduction : Precise plans and specifications leave no room for misinterpretation, reducing costly rework and change orders.
  • Streamlined Execution : Builders and subcontractors have the exact information they need to work efficiently, keeping the project on schedule.
  • Compliance Assurance : We ensure your drawings meet building codes and regulations, avoiding permitting delays.
  • Enhanced Collaboration : Clear drawings facilitate communication between architects, builders, and other project stakeholders.

What's Included in Our Working Drawings

We tailor our working drawing packages to the specific needs of each project. Typically, they include:

  • Floor Plans : Detailed layouts showing dimensions, walls, fixtures, and other structural elements.
  • Elevations : Exterior views of the building, showcasing heights, finishes, and architectural details.
  • Sections : Cross-sectional views illustrating construction assemblies, materials, and structural components.
  • Specifications : Written descriptions of materials, finishes, products, and construction methods.
  • Supporting 3D Visuals (If Desired) : 3D renderings or models to clarify complex details or confirm the final look of the project.
A set of rolled-up working drawings on a construction plan table

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